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Published August 2017

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Publix Charities is excited to announce a $5 million donation to the Feeding America® network, schools, and other nonprofits to help alleviate hunger and feed families in our communities across the Southeast. This is just one more way we continue our focus on sharing love and hope.

“For more than 50 years, we have been nourishing the communities in which Publix operates,” said Carol Jenkins Barnett, president of Publix Super Markets Charities. “Through these efforts, we’ve supported early education programs and the plight of the hungry and homeless, recognizing the importance of education and proper nutrition. We believe every child deserves to have hope, love and joy.”

According to the USDA, more than 42 million Americans live in food insecure households, including 13 million children. Feeding America member food banks, schools, and other nonprofits can help ensure that food reaches those in need in our communities.

In the past six years alone, Publix has donated more than 230 million pounds of perishable food to the Feeding America network. Find more information about Publix Charities’ support for food banks, and read one family’s inspiring story here.

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About the Publix Super Markets Perishable Recovery Program


In order to give the gift of nourishment and hope to our communities throughout the Southeast, Publix Super Markets Charities announces a $5 million donation to the Feeding America® network. This is more than three times the amount they have previously given in any year.

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Publix Super Markets Charities has announced a donation of $1.5 million to Feeding America® and 12 member food banks. This funding will assist in the transportation needs of the food banks, helping them acquire refrigerated trucks in order to collect and distribute perishable items donated by food retailers.

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Each of the 12 member food banks will receive a $120,000 donation. In total, this funding will assist more than 4,800 agencies served by their programs. Feeding America also will receive a $60,000 contribution to be used toward its mission of feeding those who are hungry.

The USDA has conducted research indicating that more than 48 million Americans live in food-insecure households, including 15 million children. This means hunger is a reality for one in seven people living in the United States.

“The statistics are staggering,” said Carol Jenkins Barnett, president of Publix Super Markets Charities. “Hunger affects all walks of life in communities across the country. We continue to hear about the need for fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy from Feeding America member food banks. Our foundation’s $1.5 million donation will help the food banks collect, safely transport, and distribute even more wholesome, perishable foods to our local communities.”


Publix Super Markets to Provide 12 Trailer-Loads of Food

In related efforts, Publix Super Markets will donate a trailer-load of food to each of the 12 Feeding America member food banks, totaling more than $660,000. Each trailer donation will include 22 pallets of food items that are in high demand by food banks.

Since Publix piloted its perishable recovery program in 2007, the company has donated more than 174 million pounds of perishable food to food banks, representing almost 145 million meals. For the more than 36 million pounds of food donated in 2015, Publix has been recognized as an inaugural Visionary Partner of Feeding America.

“As a food retailer, our single biggest opportunity to give back is in reducing hunger,” said Maria Brous, Publix director of media and community relations. “By donating much needed wholesome foods, we’re helping our local food banks meet the needs of our neighbors.”